Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Principles


The Gallatin River Ranch Rural Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of life, property, and the environment within its community. It will accomplish that goal through emergency response, education, and prevention with a commitment to excellence and community engagement.


The Fire District strives:

  1. To provide the equipment and apparatus needed by the department to the best of its ability within the constraints imposed by its budget, and to promote department vision below.

The Department strives:

  1. To provide the highest level of service possible within the capabilities of its volunteers and equipment.
  2. To provide Community education with the goal of enhancing safety.
  3. To be a dynamic organization able to adjust to changes in the community and its citizens.

Core Values

  1. Teamwork
    1. Members will be supportive of each other.
    2. Loyalty
    3. Care for each other.
  2. Accountability
    1. Accept responsibility for performance and actions as individuals and as a team.
  3. Integrity
    1. Maintain high ethical standards.
    2. Demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness.
  4. Respect
    1. Honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow members, employees, officers, elected officials, and community residents and visitors.
    2. Treat all with dignity, equality, and trust.
  5. Unity
    1. We are one team.
    2. We succeed or fail as a team.
  6. Transparency
    1. The department is an integral part of its community and will maintain a high standard for operational and financial transparency though organized record keeping, reporting, and availability to the public.


 The following principles are the foundation of the organization. They are the code of conduct and belief that we will abide by in our effort to provide the best possible level of service to our community.

  1. We volunteer to serve and protect. Service quality and “customer” satisfaction are critical to our mission. Earning and maintaining the trust of the people we serve is ultimate measure of the success of our department. We earn this through:
    1. Professionalism.
    2. A positive attitude.
    3. Clear communication.
    4. Recognizing mistakes without making excuses or blaming others.
  2. A fire department cannot function without effective teamwork. Some of the components of an effective team include but are not limited to:
    1. Respect.
    2. Integrity.
    3. Honesty.
    4. Welcome new members.
    5. Acknowledge a job well done.
    6. Identify opportunities to improve quickly and constructively.
      1. Find solutions.
      2. Commit to continuous quality improvement as a way of department life.
      3. Offer constructive input at appropriate times and respect the input of others.
      4. Support the department. Channel disagreements through the chain of command, not a public forum.
  1. Mutual Respect:
    1. Non-discrimination.
    2. Base actions on mutual respect.
    3. Encourage our peers.
    4. Value our peers.
  2. Communication within the department and with the public we serve.
  3. Strive to maintain the highest possible levels of competency and education.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on 1/15/2019.

Re-approved by the Board of Trustees on 5/11/2022

District Map

Our History

The Gallatin River Ranch Rural Fire District was formed by Resolution Number 1999-82 of the Gallatin County Commission on December 14, 1999. Volunteers were recruited and a paid chief was hired. Equipment and apparatus was acquired through a series of grants, private donations, and tax revenues. The department formed around a paid chief leading a group of volunteers. While volunteers were recruited from GRR residents and employees, none was qualified to be a fire chief. A chief was recruited. The paid chief model continued through the tenure of two further chiefs until May, 2017. Further apparatus and equipment acquisition and refinement occurred though the intervening years. The Board of Trustees shifted the department to an all-volunteer model in the spring of 2017 and appointed Marlin Sprow to the position of Fire Chief.

The Resolution Establishing GRRRFD is: