Nixon Gulch Cleanup Day, 5/1/19

The GRR Fire Department and GRRHOA organize a yearly cleanup day to remove dead trees and brush from Nixon Gulch to reduce fire fuel hazards. Firefighters Anthony Powell and John Andrews cut trees in advance. Two crews worked the Gulch in opposite directions. Training Officer Ken Weskamp donated use of a Madison River Propane crane truck, assisted by Firefighter Jason Biggs and Jesse Langel. Firefighter/Medical Officer John Andrews and the hand crew cut and cleared small trees and brush. The hand crew included: Firefighter Bruce Reynolds, Reservist Paul Sejud, Reservist Julie Brown, Board Chair Sue Piechowski, Trustee Richard Anderson, Vanessa McMurray, Jan Hobish, Rick McCourt, Tim and Donna Knecht, Jorge Gonzalez, and GRRHOA Board members Ted Draude, Brian Wadsworth, and Nancy Clark. Fire Chief Marlin Sprow managed the dump truck while Firefighter Anthony Powell operated the front loader. The wood collected will be burned later this month or in early June for wildland fire training.

GRRFD Propane Fire Education at Madison Valley Fire Academy

Training Officer Ken Weskamp organized a propane firefighting station at the Madison Valley Fire Academy at Harrison MT on the weekend of 4/26/19 - 4/28/19. He used custom-built props to provide academy firefighters with the opportunity to practice the propane firefighting techniques he taught. Chief Marlin Sprow was the standby firefighter to extinguish unwanted fire. Volunteer John Andrews managed the engine pump and water supply for the exercises.