Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best fire, rescue, and emergency medical services possible with the limited resources available to the department.

District Map

Our History


The Gallatin River Ranch Rural Fire District was formed by Resolution Number 1999-82 of the Gallatin County Commission on December 14, 1999. Volunteers were recruited and a paid chief was hired. Equipment and apparatus was acquired through a series of grants, private donations, and tax revenues. The department formed around a paid chief leading a group of volunteers. While volunteers were recruited from GRR residents and employees, none was qualified to be a fire chief. A chief was recruited. The paid chief model continued through the tenure of two further chiefs until May, 2017. Further apparatus and equipment acquisition and refinement occurred though the intervening years. The Board of Trustees shifted the department to an all-volunteer model in the spring of 2017 and appointed Marlin Sprow to the position of Fire Chief.

The Resolution Establishing GRRRFD is: